Cultural Workshops
Poland has a rich and interesting history. Through displays and workshops in the Library, we hope you will be able to learn a little more about our art, history and culture.

1:00 PM The Many Faces of Pierogi - Presented by Chef Tad Siembida,
The heart of our Polska Kuchnia cooking classes will teach you the fine art of making our most popular with a live pierogi-making demonstration. Considered to be the Polish national dish, what was once a traditional peasant food has seen a resurgence and is served in a variety of forms and tastes. Learn how to do it yourself!

2:00 PM Jewish Resurgence in Today's Poland -
Presented by Sean Martin, Ph.D.
Jews have a history dating back 1,000 years in Poland, but,
until recently, most have seen the country as a site of Jewish death and suffering. Now a growing number of "third-generation" Polish Jews - they count back to the first generation of Holocaust survivors - instead are rediscovering roots assiduously buried by parents and grandparents trying to escape antisemitism, and helping to rebuild Jewish life in Poland. Sean Martin, associate curator for Jewish History at Cleveland's Western Reserve Historical Society, will help us explore this resurgence and how it is affecting Poles & Polonia worldwide.

3:00 PM Say it in Polish - Presented by Stanislaw Gerchak
Want to be able to greet
your Babcia in her native language or just make conversation at Polish Happy Hour? During the 30-minute workshop one of PolishYoungstown's Beginner Polish Class teachers will teach simple greetings and introductions, as well as learn the words to Sto Lat, (One Hundred Years) the traditional Polish song sung to express good wishes, good health and long life to a person. Afterward there will be a big group sing-a-long of the song in the main hall!

4:00 PM Starting up the Family Tree -
Presented by Frank Kishel
Always wanted
to get to know more about your family's history but didn't know where to begin? This is the class for you! This family historian will take you through the steps he used to research his family tree for many years. This workshop will discuss where to begin your genealogy research with an emphasis on locating documents, filing appropriate request forms and specific agencies to contact.

5:00 PM Travel by Teaching - Presented by Jennifer Yurosko
Generations after your
family member immigrates to America, the stories of Poland can get faded, enhanced or forgotten. To prevent that from happening for her, Jennifer Yurosko began teaching English in a private elementary school in northern Poland. She now is familiar with traditions, customs and culture of Poland as she is of Polish ancestry. Prior to this assignment she taught English in Japan for four years. Jennifer will share her experience of both living in Poland and traveling throughout the country.


Polish Folk Art Workshop -
Presented by Lawrence Kozlowski
Join us for this FREE hands-on
craft workshop area will afford participants the chance to make their own colorful pieces associated with the four seasons and the holiday celebrations, such as pisanki, wax-decorated eggs and wycinanki, decorative paper cutting