Keep PolishYoungstown programs strong
The volunteers of PolishYoungstown work hard all year to live up to our mission to promote Polish culture and ethnic awareness in the Mahoning Valley region. We do this by developing, supporting and promoting unique, entertaining gatherings that celebrate the rich culture of the Polish nation with accuracy and liveliness.

However with the closure of churches as host venues, our costs to offer cooking, language, history and folk dance classes have skyrocketed. Supporting our 50/50, basket and silent auction are ways you can help us keep these important programs going.

Hereís how you can help:
  • Donate a basket You, your employer or your friends could donate an item of $50 value. A key to a good basket is something that you or your family might like to win. It has been proven that sporting goods and equipment geared toward men are often big sellers! And donít let the container or assembly get you down. Our Basket Committee will take your donation and package it up to look delightful for you! Basket ticket sheets will sell 25 for $10. Get a donation form HERE

  • Contribute to the Silent Auction These are the items worth more than $50 and often even more than $100. Art work, jewelry, Polish pottery folk art, customized items reflecting Polish pride and, of course, trips and big gift certificates fall into this category. Contact our Donation Chair info@polishyoungstown.org

  • WHY DO IT? PolishYoungstown, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation (#800-551-224) Your donation may qualify for a federal charitable contribution deduction (consult your tax advisor) but it will DEFINITELY help us to educate the next generation about our colorful culture and its influence on the Mahoning Valley!

    Remember: 100% of the proceeds from the chances sold for the raffle, baskets and auction go toward educational programming here in the Valley!